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  • Ribbon Cakes

    This is a 3 layer Neopolitan cake with a lemon butter filling between the layers. It is iced in white icing and decorated with chocolate icing and cut into bar cakes 3.5" x 7.5" in size. This is a summertime treat that goes with your fresh fruit or ice cream.

    Ingredients: Cake = Sugar, Wheat Flour, Eggs, Skim Milk, Veg. Shortening, Baking Powder, Salt.
    (Choc. Cake + Cocoa, Baking Soda.) Icing = Icing Sugar, Veg. Shortening, Water, Egg White, Salt. (Toping = Choc. Icing Containing Cocoa) Filling = Lemon Ext, Sugar, Corn Starch, Pectin.

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