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Tarts & Slices


  • Blueberry Tarts, 3"

    For the blueberry lover in you. A light tasty sweet filling, with a light crunchy pastry bottom.

    Ingredients:Tart Paste = Wheat Flour, Veg. Shortening, Brown Sugar, Water, Eggs, Salt. Filling = Blueberry, Sugar, Water, Modified Corn Starch.

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  • Apple Slices

    A sweet apple treat. A puff pastry bottom,
    covered with apple filling, with an other
    layer of puff pastry on top, and toped of
    with a generous sprinkling of almonds and

    Ingredients.; Puff pastry = Wheat Flour, Water, Veg. Shortening, Margarine, Butter, Eggs, Salt.
    Filling = Apple, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch.
    Toping = Sugar and Almonds.

    $1.17 - BUY NOW