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  • Bran Muffins. 425 gr. Dz.

    A traditional bran muffin with chopped dates and molasses. Serve with butter and coffee or tea.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flower, Skim Milk, Brown Sugar, Sweet Crumbs**, Bran, Dates, Eggs, Veg. Shortening, Molasses, Baking Powder, Salt, Baking Soda.
    ***May contain Nuts.

    Sale Price $0.45

  • Peach Pies, 9"

    For the peach lover in you! An old summertime favourite! Serve alone, or with whipped cream. Always a popular choice.

    Ingredients: Pie dough = Wheat Flour, Lard, Water, Salt. Filling = Peach, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch.

    Sale Price $8.20

  • Cream Puffs

    A light crisp cream puff shell filled with custard and mixed with whip cream. Topped with a rosette of whipped cream and finished off with a glassed cherry.

    Ingredients: Shells = Eggs, Water, Wheat Flour, Lard, Skim Milk, Bakers Ammonia. Filling = (Custard = Skim Milk, Corn Starch, Egg Yogh, Vanilla.) Whip Cream. Toping = Whip Cream, Glassed Cherries.

    Sale Price $1.32

  • Top Hats

    A chocolate cake baked in a round muffin tin with a large top of marshmallow, and covered with
    chocolate icing. The ultimate chocolate and sugar rush.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Eggs, Veg. Shortening, Skim Milk, Cocoa, Baking Powder, Salt, Baking Soda. Icing = Icing Sugar, Water, Chocolate, Base. Marshmallow = Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Egg White, Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Cream of Tarter, Salt.

    Sale Price $1.39

  • Grandmothers Cookies

    Always a favourite! With a nice texture from the chewy currants and crunchy chunks of peanuts with a hint of maple, this cookie makes for a great treat.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar, Butter, Veg. Shortening. Eggs, Currants, Peanuts, Baking Soda, Salt, Maple Flavour.

    Sale Price $0.34

  • Farmers Apple Cake

    Farmers Apple Cakes are often referred to as Apple Crumb Cakes. A cake crumb bottom with a lightly spicy apple and raisin filling, covered with a crumb top, and finished of with a sprinkling of water icing. It goes very well with fruit or ice cream.

    Ingredients: Cake = Wheat Flour, Sugar, Veg. Shortening, Corn Syrup, Eggs, Baking Soda, Salt, Cream of Tartar. Filling = Apple, Brown Sugar, Water, Raisins, Corn Starch, Lemon ext., Cinnamon. Top = Icing Sugar, Water.

    Sale Price $6.50